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Jamie Quinn

Jamie, a Philadelphia native born in Port Richmond, attended high school at the George School in Newton, PA and later went on to Temple University. She has grown exponentially by trusting her own instincts and helping her clients find exactly what they are looking for in regards to personal preference and investment opportunities. Her dedication to work, ability to listen to clients, ability to think outside the box when it comes to marketing, and knowledge of the market are just some examples of what truly separates her from others. With over 5 years of real-estate experience, she specializes in new construction, investment opportunities, relocation services, helping sellers sell and assisting buyers in their search and purchase. Jamie lives true to her smile being her logo, her personality being her business card, and how she impacts people being her trademark. In her free time she enjoys skiing, taking out her adorable dog Chloe, kickboxing, and most importantly spending time with friends and family. Contact Jamie Quinn for all your real estate needs via text, email, or phone call!